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Shane Golobic Wins Stephen Allard Tribute Race
Posted: Oct 02, 2017

Silver Dollar Speedway
By: Troy Hennig and Andrew Kunas

Shane Golobic Wins Stephen Allard Tribute Race 

Chico, CA (September 30, 2017) …. There is an adage in racing, the most important lap to lead is always the last one. It is exactly what Shane Golobic did at Saturday night’s 26th Fall Nationals in Tribute to Stephen Allard. Golobic passed Bud Kaeding for the win coming out of turn four and was the first driver to reach the checkered flag. Lap 40 was the only lap that Golobic officially led. Kaeding had led most of the race and had to feel heartbroken. In fact, Kaeding slipped back to third as Cory Eliason snuck by on the bottom to capture second at the stripe. Three-time Fall Nationals champions Andy Forsberg finished fourth. D.J. Netto brought the No. 3c home in fifth. 
Jonathan Allard and Kaeding traded the lead a few times during the first five laps of the 40-lap finale. Kaeding got around Allard on lap five and from that point on he controlled the pace of the race. It was a relatively smooth main event. Only a few cautions slowed the stride of the race. The final yellow flew on lap 25 when Kalib Henry came to a stop neat the exit in turn one.  
The track had sealed over and the final few laps were about the drivers conserving their tires and not missing their marks. With three to go Golobic close in on Kaeding. Golobic could hold the bottom line better than Kaeding. This played big dividends and became the deciding factor. 
As the two raced out of turn four they received the white flag. At this point Golobic had raced to the inside of Kaeding. Kaeding beat Golobic into turn one and at that point had seemed to have the advantage. However, going into turn three, Kaeding drifted through the middle and began to slide up the track. Golobic set his car to diamond off the track and grabbed the bottom line. As the two raced off turn four, Golobic had the momentum and snuck by Kaeding for the win. As talked about earlier, Eliason was also able to pass Kaeding and earned the second-place finish.  
Allard was credited with a sixth-place finish. Sean Becker was the hard charger of the night. Becker started 20th and finished seventh. A big thanks to the Becker’s and their car owners Menne Motorsports who donated $200 cash to Big Mike Davern to help with his medical expenses.  
Allard and Willie Croft each received $300 from ManCamp Motorsports because of their fast-qualifying laps. Croft was the group one quick time driver. Allard was quickest in group two.  
Geoff Ensign won the 15-lap B Main. He was followed to the feature event by Scott Parker, Tyler Seavey and Cody Hodgson. Jason Statler won the 12-lap C main event. Billy Wallace was second and transferred. Kaeding won the 6-lap dash.  
The wingless spec sprint main event was phenomenal. Tony Richards led the first few laps. The previous night’s winner, Kalib Henry, was on the charge. Henry drove around Richards coming out of turn four and then going into turn one dove to the bottom to protect the lead. Richards spun around to a stop. Now Henry was up front and had to fend off Terry Schank Jr. These two drivers drove inches apart from each other for about 10 consecutive laps. It was a highly entertaining race. In the end, Henry was just too good. He picked up his fourth career non-wing win. Schank was second. Troy Degaton was also a factor tonight. He was just as good as the top two. Degaton ultimately finished third.  
Friday night the Northwest Focus Midget Series, based out of Washington state, made their debut at Silver Dollar Speedway, and out the 30 drivers on hand 23 were making their first appearance at the track. Snohomish, Wash.'s Chance Crum, one of the Chico first timers, led all 25 laps of the feature to pick up his third Northwest Focus Midgets victory of the year, holding off Shane Golobic in the process. Tacoma, Wash.'s Evan Margeson was third. Fresno's David Prickett won the B-Main. Heat races were won by Greg Thornhill, Jonathan Jorgenson, Margeson and Michael Vollbrecht.
Saturday night Colton Heath of Washington was one of the few drivers competing in this weekend's Northwest Focus Midget Series events with previous racing experience at Silver Dollar Speedway, having ran in a sprint car. Saturday night, Heath led all 25 laps of a non-stop main event, holding off a determined Ryan Bernal to win his fourth Northwest Focus Midgets event of the year and his first win of any kind at Silver Dollar Speedway. Heath was driving the No. 92 Fred Brownfield tribute car, which sported a look very similar to what the late driver and promoter had during most of his racing days.
Behind Bernal, Evan Margeson finished third for the second consecutive night. Chris Bullock finished fourth. Tristin Thomas of Burlington, Wash. finished fifth and that was good enough for Thomas to clinch his second Northwest Focus Midget Series championship in three years. Shane Smith of Bow, Wash. won the B-Main event. Heat races earlier in the evening were won by Chance Crum, Bernal, Bullock and former series champion Nick Evans.
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